Weather Alert Tips

Code Red Mobile Alert —free app on your cell phone.  Go to Applications & search.  Load it, open, register e-mail address and set up a password.  Select settings (Emergency, Community, Missing Persons are preloaded, but you can delete ones you don’t want.  Other settings include Severe Weather Warnings (weather is free for the first month; you can pay $1 to add a year), Sound & Radius.  To keep Code Red active, do not sign off.

Nixle—text messaging or computer alert. (Register at Type in Location: Highway 17 S & Barefoot Bridge Road) Nixle is a free service (some cell phone providers charge a fee for text messaging) that allows you to receive trusted, up-to-the-minute neighbor-hood information such as urgent public safety alerts, time sensitive advisories, and community information for where you live, work, or visit throughout the country.

Weather Alert Radio—NOAA National Weather Service ( The NMB Department of Public Safety issues emergency alerts via the NOAA weather alert radio within minutes of an emerge