Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a problem with loud neighbors, or animals not on a leash or extreme concerns that require immediate attention?

We suggest that in circumstances that require emergency assistance that residents use their right to be safe and call the proper authorities in extreme cases, for instance, if a dog is running loose in a community animal control needs to be contacted.  North Myrtle Beach Animal Control 843.280.5623  If there are issues with excessive noise or loud neighbors, contact the police.  You can call 911 in the case of an emergency.  If it is an non-emergency, call 843.280.5511.

How do I know what is allowed within the community such as decorations, etc.?

The Master Deed was given to each homeowner at closing that can be used for reference to see what Edgewater will allow. If you do not have this, you can contact the title company or your closing representatives for a copy.  If OMNI Management has to provide this document, there is a $25.00 fee for this service.  Every homeowner is entitled to a copy of these documents. Rules & Regulations have been made available to all homeowners. These documents can also be viewed on this website for convenience.

If I want to make externally visible changes or improvements to my unit what process do I need to follow?

You need to submit a request in writing to be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee. A diagram of the unit needs to be included with it marked where the changes will be, as well as a contractors estimate. After these documents are sent to Omni, please allow 30 days to process the request. A letter will be sent to the homeowner with the status of the request. Architectural Requests can be mailed to PO Box 1991, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29598, or e-mailed to

What if I have a complaint about another homeowner who is not in compliance with the Master Deed of Edgewater?

In the case of an emergency, please contact 911.  If the issues are during regular business hours, please contact OMNI Management.  If the issue of non-compliance is after-hours and noise related, please contact the police.  For other non-emergency issues, please submit your complaint in writing.  You can do this by completing the complaint form or by e-mailing  The complaint form can be found under the Documents tab on this website.

What if I have a problem with my unit and it is in the interior structure?

Per the Master Deed, your Association and OMNI Management handles the exterior issues for the community.  If you have a problem with a leak, or anything involving the exterior of your condo, please utilize the OMNI Helpdesk or e-mail  If you have any questions regarding the responsibility of certain items, do not hesitate to ask.

Can I pay my dues online?

Yes, you can pay your dues online in the following ways:

    1. For your convenience, there is a banner on the home page for paying your dues online. If you are ready to pay now, you can click here to pay.
    1. You can click here to go to the OMNI website and click on the ONLINE PAYMENT icon.
    1. Or you can pay online using your bank?s Bill Pay Service. Be sure to include your lot number in the memo!