Pool Information

Pool Hours: Sunrise to Sunset – Daily

Pool Use

The pool area is for the use and enjoyment of owners, dependents, guests, and renters.  The safety and enjoyment of the owners, dependents, and guests are of primary concern in the operation of the pool and pool facilities. Your cooperation with the rules, and considerate and safe use of the pool facilities, will foster an enjoyable environment for everyone.

  • If an Owner, Renter or guest causes the pool to be contaminated and require cleaning/draining through the violation of the following rules, the Owner will be billed for the expense.
  • Children under the age of 16 MAY NOT USE the hot tub.
  • The use of the swimming pool and adjacent pool deck are at the user’s own risk at all times. No lifeguard is present.
  • No food may be consumed while in the pool water or hot tub water at any time.
  • SC Regulation 61-51 requires the following rules with respect to the pool.
    • No solo swimming is permitted. (ECA highly recommends no solo swimming, but recognizes that swimming is at the persons own risk)
    • No running.
    • No boisterous or rough play.
    • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the
    • No spitting or blowing nose in the
    • No persons with communicable disease allowed in the pool.
    • No persons with skin, eye, ear or nasal infections allowed in the pool.
    • No animals or pets allowed in the pool or pool area
    • No glass allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.
    • No children less than 16 years old are allowed in the pool without parental supervision.
    • You should take a shower before entering the pool.
    • The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 110.
    • No diapers are permitted. Children that are not potty trained are not permitted in the pool unless they are wearing properly fitting rubber pants or “little swimmers”.  Hygienic and economic reasons require very strict enforcement of this policy.
    • The maximum pool depth is five (5) feet. Diving is absolutely prohibited at all times.  No jumping into the pool from running starts.
  • Glass containers or any glass products are not permitted in the pool area at any time. When the pool is in use this prohibition includes the Resident’s Club veranda.  However, crock pots with pottery inserts are allowed on the pool house shelf.  Violation of this no-glassware policy shall result in a fine being assessed against the owner(s) of the unit, regardless of whether the violator is an owner, family member or guest of the owner or renter.
  • Running, noisy or hazardous activity or excessive splashing will not be permitted in the pool area at any time. Ball playing shall be permitted only when it does not interfere with the safe enjoyment of others and as allowed by the pool monitor, if present.   During peak periods of use, the pool monitor will post a sign when ball playing or similar tossing games are not permitted.
  • The use of floats, balls, etc. which are inconsiderate, offensive, or which interfere with the peaceful enjoyment and safety of others, as determined by management, is prohibited. For example, floats designed for multiple individuals are not allowed.
  • Areas, used during your visit, must be left clean by properly disposing of paper goods, trash, cans, etc. Please place all trash in provided containers. Please close and secure umbrellas after using them.
  • The use of the pool area shall be in a considerate and respectful manner. As such, the volume of radios, recorders, CD’s shall be kept at a low level at all times. Management may require headphones, as it deems necessary to control the volume or nature of the material being broadcast which may interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others.
  • Play of any kind that might involve an unacceptable element of risk or harm to oneself or to others is prohibited.
  • Pool furniture must not be removed from the pool deck.
  • As a matter of courtesy to others, swimmers and sunbathers should not reserve lounges, tables or chairs.
  • All bathers must be appropriately attired in garments designed specifically as swim wear. No jeans, cut-offs, tank tops, etc., are permitted in the pool.
  • In the event of a lightning storm, owners and guests shall vacate the pool for their own safety.
  • An emergency phone is located at the pool side (Pool House wall) for 911 emergency calls.
  • Life-saving equipment is located along the perimeter of the pool area on the Pool House wall.
  • A first aid kit is available at the pool facility (Pool House wall).
  • The use of the pool area for private functions is not permitted without written permission from management.
  • Pools require proper maintenance. As such, management will close the pool for cleaning and maintenance as necessary.